Toyota RAV4 2024 Price Philippines, Hybrid

The local manufacturer’s vehicle, the Toyota RAV4, has been launched with two variants, and its engine is fully equipped with hybrid technology. This is a fundamental unique selling point contributing to its high demand. Everyone inquires about the Toyota RAV4 2024 Price Philippines, which ranges from PHP 2.2 million to PHP 2.6 million. You can now book this car at the showroom, and within one and a half months, the company will hand over the car to you. Additionally, the seating capacity of the Hybrid RAV4 is for five people.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid Price Philippines 2024

The first time, Toyota introduced all models of the RAV4 with a hybrid engine. Each variant’s price is different because specifications and features have been changed. We have clearly specified the price for each model of the RAV4.

LTD HEV PHP 2,632,000- PHP 2,647,000
XLE HEV PHP 2,289,000 – PHP 2,304,000

Toyota RAV4


Due to HEV technology, every individual who values good fuel efficiency can consider buying it as it is a perfect option. The fuel consumption is approximately 16 to 18 kilometers per liter of petrol.

Toyota RAV4 Fuel Average 16 to 18 kilometers


One thing that is very common when people buy a new car is that they must acquire knowledge about the specifications, which are already listed below.

Piston Displacement 1,500 Cc
Engine Technology Hybrid
Horsepower 178Nm
Torque 221Hp
Tank Size 55 Liters
Top Speed 205KMPH


The Toyota RAV4’s interior design is much more elegant because of the unique front dashboard design, complemented by the installation of an LED screen in the middle. The seat design is crafted with passengers’ comfort in mind. Additionally, the room space is much wider, comfortably accommodating five people.

toyota interior

Audiences who have bought this car and are using it are highly satisfied with its performance. The ground clearance of the Toyota RAV4 is good, and you can easily travel in northern areas. On the other hand, Toyota officially offers installation at the lowest interest rate if you don’t have enough money. Today, book this car in installments and enjoy a luxury ride. Every individual can look at the Toyota RAV4 2024 Price Philippines.

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