Toyota Highlander 2024 Price Philippines

With an SUV body, the imported Toyota Highlander enters the Philippine automobile market with a fresh facelift. The latest Toyota Highlander 2024 Price Philippines at “PHP 2.7 Million“. It comes fully loaded with new specifications, and the company has incorporated advanced technology in the engine. Furthermore, both the interior and exterior of the Highlander are fabulous due to Toyota’s comprehensive redesign compared to the previous generation. Additionally, the majority of vehicles available are in used condition, which means that the price will vary based on the model and its condition.

Toyota Highlander 2024 Price Philippines

The Highlander is a sought-after vehicle in the Philippines due to its specifications, but everyone is interested in knowing the Highlander’s price, which is “PHP 2,700,000“. Most importantly, this is a 7-seater SUV.

Toyota Highlander Price in Philippines PHP 27,00,000

Toyota Highlander


In every model, Toyota company introduces some unique features that never existed in another vehicle. All important ones are listed below.

  • All variants are Automatic.
  • Ventilated seats installed.
  • digital rearview mirror
  • Multiple Drive Modes
  • Vehicle Stability Control


First, check the specifications of the Highlander, which is listed for the first time in this generation, in the table.

Engine 3,487Cc
Body Type SUV
Horsepower 295HP
Torque 356Nm
Ground Clerance 131mm
Top Speed 205kmph


The Toyota Highlander has a fuel consumption ranging from 8 to 10 kilometers per liter. The engines made by Toyota for this model utilize simple technology and are not hybrid.

Fuel Average 8 to 10 KM

“Fuel Tank Capacity”

The fuel storage capacity of the Toyota Highlander is 68 liters. According to the body size, the fuel tank size is perfect, allowing for long-distance travel.

Fuel Storage 68L


People are excited to see the fabulous interior design of the Toyota Highlander. It boasts a unique dashboard design with multiple specifications and features, as well as an elegantly designed steering wheel. In terms of passenger safety, Toyota has incorporated airbags in various positions.

Toyota Highlander Interior

In the luxury category, the Toyota Highlander has ranked among the top 5 vehicles. It offers various driving modes, including cruise control. Moreover, the interior provides ample room, comfortably accommodating seven people. The price of the Toyota Highlander 2024 in Philippines has been mentioned above, but it is an approximate figure.

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