Toyota Vios 2024 Price Philippines, Release Date

The domestically produced Toyota Vios in the Philippines has been launched with a comprehensive assortment of 11 distinct variants. The Toyota Vios 2024 Price Philippines range starts from PHP 696,000 to PHP 1,005,000. Each Vios presents unique specifications and incorporates varying features. The foundational other form is outfitted with a 1300cc engine, whereas the highest-tier variant showcases a more robust 1500cc engine. Both models share a commonality in their engine configuration, boasting a dual VVT-i 4-cylinder in-line setup, which yields a maximum torque output of 140 Nm.

Toyota Vios Automatic 2024 Price Philippines

Numerous individuals have shown a keen interest in acquiring the Vios model, though they may not have access to the latest pricing updates. To address this, the pricing details for each variation have been meticulously outlined in the table provided for convenient reference.

Vios 1.5 Variants Prices

Types of 1.5 Variants Prices
G CVT PHP 1,005,000
G CVT – White Pearl Crystal Shine PHP 1,020,000
G M/T PHP 946, 000
G M/T – White Pearl Crystal Shine PHP 961,000

Vios 1.3 Variants Prices

E CVT PHP 936,000
E M/T PHP 886,000
XLE CVT PHP 882,000
XLE M/T PHP 831,000
XE CVT PHP 769,000
J M/T PHP 722,000
Base M/T PHP 696,000

Toyota Vios Exterior

Toyota Vios 2024 Release Date Philippines

The anticipated launch date for the forthcoming model of the Toyota Vios is slated for January 2024. It is perceived that this iteration will incorporate novel features hitherto absent in prior Vios models.

Toyota Vios Launch Date January 2024


  • Primarily, the interior dimensions of the Toyota Vios exhibit spaciousness.
  • This affords passengers a heightened level of comfort, owing to the different design of the seating arrangement.
  • The dashboard garnered considerable enthusiasm from a substantial portion of the audience due to its appeal and advanced functionalities.
  • Notably, the steering wheel is replete with a diverse array of features, including provisions for side mirror control facilitated through integrated buttons on the steering wheel interface.

Toyota Vios Interior


  • The Toyota Vios boasts a sedan classification, characterized by its refined exterior design.
  • It comes with LED front headlights, exemplifying a sleek.
  • The inclusion of front and rear cameras enhances driving capability, particularly on challenging terrains.
  • All iterations of the Toyota Vios feature Alloy wheels, underscoring a commitment to both performances.

Toyota Vios Exterior

Vios Specifications

It is imperative for individuals to acquaint themselves with the specifications of the Toyota Vios, as outlined in the table below.

How Many Cc Toyota Vios Have? 1,300 Cc and 1,500 Cc
Does Toyota Vios Have Cruise Control? No

How Much Horsepower Does A Toyota Vios Have?


How Many Litres Does A Toyota Vios Have?

42 Liters
Engine Technology Type Dual VVT-I, 4-Cylinder In-Line, DOHC 16V EFI
How Many Cylinders In Toyota Vios? 4 Cylinders
Seating Capacity of Toyota Vios 5
Is Toyota Vios Automatic Or Manual? Available in Both Transmission.

Fuel Consumption

Indeed, the fuel efficiency of the Toyota Vios is contingent upon the power output of its respective engines. Consequently, given the installation of two engines, the fuel consumption per kilometer varies between the two variants.

1300Cc Fuel Average 16 KM
1500Cc Fuel Average 12 KM

Fuel Tank Capacity

The Toyota Vios is equipped with a fuel tank capacity of 42 liters. Some users, as well as prospective buyers, have expressed reservations regarding this capacity.

Fuel Tank Size 42 Liters

Ground Clearance

Each vehicle possesses a distinct ground clearance, making it imperative for individuals, especially those residing in northern regions, to conduct an initial assessment before making a decision.

Ground Clerance 140mm

Individuals express contentment with the performance, build quality, and interior design of the vehicle. Toyota Philippines consistently implements changes in specifications and introduces novel elements annually. Now everybody waiting for what new thing going to be introduced in the next model.

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