Toyota Wigo 2024 Price Philippines, Release Date

Toyota Wigo, an expensive automotive product, is presently accessible in the market across three distinct categories. The most recent 2024 model has been introduced to the Philippine market. The manufacturing of this car is local but the newest Toyota Wigo 2024 Price in Philippines is a basic variant is PHP 609,000 and the top model is PHP 729,000. Significantly, Toyota now offers a convenient installment plan spanning up to 60 months, affording prospective buyers an accessible means to procure a Toyota Wigo. The requisites for availing of this offer involve the completion of documentation, enabling individuals to swiftly acquire and drive their new Toyota Wigo.

Toyota Wigo Automatic Price Philippines 2024

The Toyota Wigo is prepared for launch across three segments, namely G CVT, E CVT, and J M/T. Each of these variants features a pricing structure, signifying availability at multiple price points.

G CVT PHP 609,000
E CVT PHP 684,000
G CVT PHP 729,000

Toyota Wigo

Toyota Wigo 2024 Release Date Philippines

Fundamentally, Toyota has unveiled the Wigo in a hatchback configuration this year. However, it has recently released an announcement indicating that the new model of the Toyota Wigo for 2024 is slated for introduction in the months of December or January.

Launch Date Expected in December & January


The room space of the Toyota Wigo is wide because 5 people easily sit in this car. People first see dashboard style and its specs so till now Toyota claims no any other vehicle manufacturer who gives the same interior look.

Toyota Wigo Interior


Currently, Wigo comes in a Toyota showroom with 5 color and every color give a beautiful attraction to the buyer. See the names of all five colors.

  1. Orange
  2. Yellow
  3. Red Mica
  4. Silver
  5. Gray

“Fuel Consumption”

The engine is made with hybrid technology and is fuel efficient. Under one-liter fuel mileage of Toyota Wigo is around 23 to 26 km. Actually, a difference of 3 kilometers comes when you drive in the city and on the highway.

Fuel Average 23 to 26 KM


Prior to making a purchase, individuals commonly express a keen interest in perusing the specifications that set this particular vehicle apart from other hatchback models. Noteworthy are certain trending specifications, the details of which are provided herewith.

Engine 998Cc
Type of Engine
  • 3 Cylinder
  • In-Line
  • 12-Valve DOHC
Dimension in Inches
  • Width > 65 Inch
  • Height> 59 Inch
  • Length> 148 Inch
Transmission Automatic | Manual
Car Start Type Push Button
Braking System
  • Front > Ventilated Disc
  • Rear  >   Drum

A comprehensive package is in preparation for unveiling by Toyota in 2024. It is evident that a considerable number of individuals are eagerly anticipating these new models, primarily with the intention of acquisition for personal and familial utility. Consequently, once Toyota issues an official press release disclosing the launch date of the new models, we will expeditiously provide updated information regarding the specific date and time.

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