Toyota Avanza 2024 Price Philippines, 7 Seater

The recently introduced iteration of the Toyota Avanza, boasting a seating capacity accommodating up to seven individuals, has been officially unveiled in the Philippines. The latest Toyota Avanza 2024 Price Philippines starts from PHP 833,000 to PHP 1,059,000. Notably, this model encompasses a quartet of distinct variants, procurable with either manual or automatic transmission configurations. Additionally, Toyota has implemented several changes in the new Avanza model compared to the previous version, including a new exterior design. Additionally, the price of each variant is now displayed in a table.

Toyota Avanza 7 Seater Price Philippines

The basic variant Avanza 1.3 J M/T price is PHP 833,000 and the top model 1.5G CVT cost is PHP 1,059,000. Most important, two different which are 1,300 Cc, and 1,500Cc installed.

“Toyota Avanza 1.3L Price”

Model Price
J M/T PHP 833,000
E M/T PHP 948,000
E C/T PHP 1,004,000

“Avanza 1.5L”

G CVT PHP 1,059,000

Toyota Avanza


The Toyota Avanza is equipped with two engine variants, namely a 1.3-liter and a 1.5-liter displacement. It is noteworthy that these engines exhibit dissimilar fuel consumption characteristics. Consequently, the fuel efficiency performance of both Avanza engines falls below the industry average standard.

Toyota Avanza 1.3 Fuel Average 12 to 14 KM
Toyota Avanza 1.5 Fuel Average 16 to 18 KM

Fuel Tank Size

As per the official Toyota, a 43-liter fuel tank has been installed in the SUV vehicle Avanza. People who travel on highways or motorways now it is perfect for them.

Tank Capacity 43 Liters


Some unique specifications, which were installed for the first time in this model, are provided. When people make the final decision to buy, they must check the major specs.

  • 1.3L
  • 1.5L
Torque 136Nm
Horsepower 105 hp
Transmission Manual


Front Brake Disc
Rear Brake Drum


The most important aspect of the Toyota Avanza is its interior, which is truly fabulous. It features the latest design dashboard with LED lighting, along with a unique style gearbox. Moreover, the look of the steering wheel is impressive, and it comes fully loaded. The interior space is much wider, allowing seven passengers to sit comfortably.

Toyota Avanza interior

This is complete info about Toyota Avanza 2024 Price Philippines. The performance of the Toyota Avanza is outstanding due to the existence of hybrid engines, which provide a good average. Moreover, this vehicle falls into the luxury category because the passenger seats are exceptionally comfortable, and it offers various driving modes. Additionally, the company has released a well-thought-out color scheme for the Avanza.

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