Toyota Tundra 2024 Price Philippines

The updated facelift of the Toyota Tacoma, which recently underwent changes, is now available in the Philippines. This is an imported vehicle because Toyota is not manufactured locally. The Toyota Tundra 2024 price Philippines at under PHP 4,800,000. Please note that its price depends on models and conditions, so we are providing some approximations. Additionally, this model features a fabulous interior and exterior design, along with specifications that have been introduced for the first time.

Toyota Tundra 2024 Price Philippines

The new 2024 model of the Toyota Tundra has been launched with a price tag of PHP 4.8 million. It is equipped with a 5.6L engine delivering 381 horsepower. If you enjoy off-road driving, this is an excellent option to consider.

Toyota Tundra Price in the Philippines PHP 4,800,000

Toyota Tundra


Toyota has enhanced various specifications in this vehicle that were previously unavailable in other competitors. Please refer below to take note of all the engine specifications of the Tundra.

Piston Displacement 5,663Cc
Horsepower 381hp
Torque 543Nm
Ground Clerance 205mm
Transmission Automatic
Dimension Length > 5545mm

Width  > 1910mm

Height > 1796mm

“Top Speed”

Automobile experts claim that off-road, the top speed of the Toyota Tundra is around 185 km/h. No doubt, several companies have introduced pickup trucks, but this one stands out in every aspect.

Top Speed 185 kmph


The unique and elegant interior design is sure to attract anybody who appreciates this category of vehicle. Furthermore, a distinctive style dashboard with leather upholstery has been incorporated. In this model, a new gearbox design has also been introduced.

toyota tundra Interior


The Toyota Tundra has a fuel consumption of approximately 5 to 7 kilometers per liter due to its powerful engine, which is built with straightforward technology, without turbo or hybrid features.

Toyota Tundra Fuel Consumption 5 to 7 kmph


Everyone is excited to learn about the new specifications that have been incorporated into the Toyota Tundra. Below are a few of the key options.

  • Six Airbags
  • Navigation System
  • Cruise Control
  • Tractional Control
  • ABS Braking System

Among off-road racers, this vehicle is the most popular due to its specifications and features. People are highly satisfied with its performance. Furthermore, other essential details for all audiences are also listed above. Additionally, if Toyota starts assembling in the Philippines, we will provide an update.

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