Toyota Tundra 2024 Price Philippines

Toyota Tundra

The updated facelift of the Toyota Tacoma, which recently underwent changes, is now available in the Philippines. This is an imported vehicle because Toyota is not manufactured locally. The Toyota Tundra 2024 price Philippines at under PHP 4,800,000. Please note that its price depends on models and conditions, so we are providing some approximations. Additionally, … Read more

Toyota Tacoma 2024 Price Philippines

Toyota Tacoma

With the new facelift of Tacoma launch but not in the Philippines. Manu generation of Toyota Tacoma launched but still people use imported in Philippines. The latest model Toyota Tacoma 2024 price Philippines is approx PHP 34,69,230. In addition, a 3.5 L engine with a horsepower of 278hp exists and its maximum torque is 359 … Read more